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Workplace Mediation

Healthy conflict at work is a good thing as it can lead to better decision-making. However, when conflict becomes toxic, you must not ignore it. You must take action before performance is affected or good people start to leave your team.  Workplace mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes between employees and repair relationships, so that the parties can continue to work together.

The case for workplace mediation

Conflict at work can be costly. An ACAS report published in 2021 estimated that the total cost of conflict to UK business is around £28.5 billion per year, an average of £1,000 for every employee.  Nearly 10 million people experienced conflict in the workplace in 2018 to 2019. Of these, over half suffered stress, anxiety or depression as a result; just under 900,000 took time off work; nearly half a million resigned, and more than 300,000 employees were dismissed.

What does workplace mediation involve?

Firstly, both parties in dispute need to agree to mediation. Then I would spend time with both parties separately before bringing them together for a facilitated conversation. This would preferably take place away from their normal place of work in a neutral venue.  Depending on the issues involved, the process could take a few hours or up to a whole day.  The aim is to reach agreement on the future working relationship, with the ultimate goal being to repair or rebuild the relationship, so that the parties can work together effectively without issues in the future.

I can also facilitate team mediations.  This can be useful when a team is not getting on with its manager, or where two teams are not working well together.  As well as mediation skills, I have a range of team relationship coaching tools to align teams that are in dispute or where toxic behaviours are causing problems. 

What are the benefits of workplace mediation?

  • Disputes between colleagues can be nipped in the bud before mental health is affected and one or more employees need to take time off work.
  • Disruption to the wider team and loss of productivity can be minimised.
  • Resolving disputes and repairing relationships can help retain talent and avoid the costs of hiring, onboarding and training new employees.
  • Management time can be freed up to focus on other topics.
Claire working with two women

“We have been delighted to welcome Claire to our team of mediators. Claire works extremely hard to get the parties involved to engage in the mediation process, and her compassion, empathy and common-sense attitude have resulted in mediations where successful agreements have been reached, much to the relief of all parties involved. Thank you, Claire!”

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