Team Coaching

Team Building through Team Relationship Coaching

Team relationship coaching can help teams work together more effectively and improve team dynamics. It is relevant for any organisation where people work with others, from small two-person partnerships to large corporates. 

What does it involve? 

As a Team Relationship Coach, I work with the whole team entity, focusing on the powerful and unique relationships that exist between individuals within a team, and deploying a range of coaching tools to promote greater alignment and understanding between team members.

What are the benefits?

Team relationship coaching enables underperforming teams to become more effective. In higher-performing teams, it also works to maximise potential. Ultimately, my objective as the coach is to access the inherent collective intelligence and creativity of the team to effect positive changes in culture and performance.

Examples of where team relationship coaching can be powerful are:

  • when creating a common vision and purpose after a team has recently formed or merged with another
  • when there is a need to establish or reset the culture of a team, for example when toxic behaviours have become pervasive
  • when a team is unproductive due to low team morale or low positivity
  • when teams are going through change
  • when there is a need to break down silos between different departments
  • when teams are avoiding conflict or struggling to resolve toxic conflict
  • when a leader wants to build a positive team culture

Kick off your team awayday with a two-hour team building workshop!

When you invest in bringing your team together away from the office to discuss strategy or planning, it’s a good idea to get everyone in the right frame of mind before you start. I facilitate workshops to build trust, reset the team culture and clarify its purpose at the top of your agenda. It is remarkable how well a team will work together after going through this process.

Claire working with a small team

“I finally feel part of a team, having never felt part of a team before.”


Member of charity senior leadership team

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