tteaSupporting leaders to build high-performing teams

I offer team coaching, training, workplace mediation and other services to help leaders build engaged, high-performing teams, as well as a programme to enable individuals and teams to improve their mental fitness.

You will find information on my services below with links to further details, or you can contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat to explore the options.

Team Relationship Coaching

Improve team dynamics and help your team to work together more effectively through team relationship coaching. Having trained in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching, I utilise a range of coaching tools to build a cohesive, engaged, high-performing team.​ Read more…

Participants taking part in an Essential Communication Skills course for managers

Effective Team Communications

Communicate more effectively with your team to improve employee engagement and build a positive team culture. My services include a training course for managers on essential communication skills to build and sustain high-performing teams, which I deliver in partnership with Nicole Godetz of Noo Thinking Ltd. Read more…

Workplace Mediation

Resolve disputes between colleagues in your team through facilitated conversations led by an impartial, specialist workplace mediator. Unlike other forms of mediation, workplace mediation aims to rebuild relationships as well as resolving disputes, so colleagues can successfully work together again. Read more…

An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W)

BP2W is a proven online, self-managed system for transforming culture, growing leadership, developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. It is a transformational business tool that creates collaborative working relationships, leading to higher levels of performance, productivity and employee engagement. It gives you the tools to lead, rather than the theory of leadership. Read more…

Claire talking to a female client

Mental Fitness Coaching

Suitable for both teams and individuals, one of the coaching systems I’m trained and licensed to deliver is Positive Intelligence™ (PQ). My PQ programmes include access to transformative tools that enable clients to improve their mental fitness and stop self-sabotaging, as well as weekly one-to-one sessions with me.

Facilitation and Training

Having hosted leadership conferences and awards ceremonies during my corporate career and received excellent feedback, I have the skills to facilitate a variety of events, including conferences and workshops.  I also facilitate workplace training courses, both my own courses and those developed by partners, including Bailey & French, which has the noble aim of humanising the world of work.

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