Finding Me in My Future Work Team

Transitioning from education to work is often challenging for young people. However, the current generation making that transition is faced with additional challenges brought about by their experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. The 12 – 24 year-old age group was worst affected by the economic and social impacts of the pandemic, still being felt now. CIPD research in 2021 also revealed that the majority of young people felt they did not receive enough support while in education to understand and prepare for their future careers.

Claire Jarvis has teamed up with Nicole Godetz of Noo Thinking Ltd, to design Finding Me in My Future Work Team, a one-day training course to support young people transitioning from full-time education to work. This highly-interactive CPD-accredited course, delivered in person by Claire and Nicole, will help young people who are getting ready to enter the world of work:

  • Identify the type of work and workplace culture that will best suit them
  • Understand workplace culture and how to get off on the right foot when they start a new job
  • Improve their communication skills to help them interact effectively with colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Understand toxic communications styles that can damage relationships at work
  • Feel well prepared and confident as they start their new role
  • Make a good impression at work from day one
  • Identify next steps to developing their career

Claire and Nicole are working with higher education careers departments to deliver this one-day course in universities and colleges. We will also be running open courses at venues in Kent, Surrey and London. We are training a group of students at Queen Mary University of London in June 2024 and our first open course will take place in Tunbridge Wells, Kent in summer 2024.

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About Claire Jarvis
About Claire Jarvis

A former Director of Communications and Executive Management Board member of Siemens plc, Claire has a deep understanding of team dynamics, culture and communications. An experienced facilitator, she is also a trained team relationship coach and workplace mediator who now focuses on supporting organisations to build engaged, high-performing teams.

About Nicole Godetz
About Nicole Godetz

Nicole brings a breadth of experience from 20 years as a head teacher, coaching expert and project manager with proven expertise in leadership, training, mediation, stakeholder engagement, logistics, facilitation, review and change management.

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