Essential Communication Skills to Build and Sustain High-Performing Teams

When it comes to building a high-performing team and a positive team culture, the way managers communicate with their teams – and the way team members communicate with each other – is key to success. People skills, also known as ‘soft skills‘, including the ability to communicate effectively in the workplace, are becoming increasingly important as a differentiator for employers when looking to hire and promote talent.

Poor communication is at the root of many costly workplace disputes and grievances. As well as formal grievances, poor communication can lead to disengaged staff, low productivity, absenteeism and high staff turnover. All of these potential outcomes ultimately have a negative effect on the bottom line.

If you are a leader or manager wanting to get the most out of your team and avoid costly disputes, you need to focus on effective and honest communications. You also need to know how to identify and manage toxic behaviours in your team.

I am excited to have teamed up with experienced consultant and former executive headteacher, Nicole Godetz of Noo Thinking Ltd, to develop a one-day training course focusing on the essential communications skills managers need to build and sustain a high-performing team. This highly-interactive CPD-accredited course will help anyone in, or about to take up, a management or leadership position to:

  • Build a positive team culture and get the most out of their team
  • Improve team communications
  • Increase collaboration and creativity
  • Reduce / manage toxic conflict and minimise time lost through escalations and grievance procedures
  • Improve employee engagement and inclusion
  • Increase employee retention and reduce absences

If you want to improve team communications and build a positive culture in your team or organisation, contact me today for a no-obligation chat about this course.


Claire facilitating an essential communications skills  for managers training course

Participant feedback

100% of participants would recommend the course

Average score for quality of content: 9.5/10

Average score for facilitation: 9.6/10

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