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An Even Better Place to Work (BP2W) Online Employee Engagement Programme

I am delighted to be authorised to offer the excellent BP2W programme developed by Shay McConnon, an authority on leadership and culture. Over the years, Shay has had numerous conversations with leaders and HR experts, and the BP2W business tool is grounded in their requirements rather than just in management theory.

You can transform culture, engagement and wellbeing in your organisation or team by deploying one easy-to-use, online, self-managed, proven system. BP2W has the potential to dramatically improve the impact of leadership, the effectiveness of teams and the quality of work life for everyone.

What does it involve?

The BP2W system provides diagnostics, tools, resources, interventions, videos, activities, posters, quick tips and more, which enable people to improve the quality of their working lives and help to ensure their needs at work are met. BP2W is driven by individuals and teams, not by management or HR. It provides solutions at the local, not just the corporate, level.

Engagement and ownership are embedded into the BP2W approach. The question constantly asked is, “What am I going to do?” rather than, “What is management going to do for me?”

BP2W has been designed with busy people in mind, and there is no great burden of time on any one person, including managers. The diagnostic data is real time and differences can be felt immediately. The built-in activities are designed to facilitate targeted improvements at both the individual and team levels. Individual and team goal setting/tracking ensure all employees remain actively involved in the continuous improvement process.

What results can you expect from BP2W?

  • Individuals to be better motivated and engaged, more open to change, receptive to feedback, and taking ownership of their own issues.
  • Teams to have a stronger sense of identity and to operate with greater trust, openness and collaboration.
  • The organisation to have reduced absenteeism and lower attrition rates, a happier, higher-performing and more productive workforce, and an improved bottom line.
  • A transformed culture where openness, trust and collaboration are the norm. It will develop leaders and leadership across the organisation.



The following example uses the BP2W People Problem Cost Calculator to work out the potential cost of people problems in an organisation employing 130 people.

  • 10 managers on an average of £45k per year
  • 120 employees on an average of £32k a year
  • 3x disciplinaries
  • 3x grievance cases

Total potential cost to the business = £325,596 a year

Cost of 130 BP2W licences = £5,460 a year


Real results for organisations using BP2W
  • 50% reduction in time spent dealing with people problems (Lush Cosmetics)
  • Absenteeism down from 12 to 4 days (Cross Keys Homes)
  • Highest employee satisfaction in their sector (Environment Agency)

Contact me to book a call to find out how BP2W could help you and your team.